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Space Reorganizing

Space Reorganizing

Space Reorganizing

No friend of overwhelm.

Just THINKING about Decluttering is overwhelming, plus decluttering is a GET STARTED View Our portfolio process that differs for everyone. No one clutters their space on purpose, when you live in a space for a while it just happens over time.

However, when today's space is saturated with yesterday's interest, how can we "grow on"? "Grow on" into new interesting thing, just no space for it. We enjoy assisting in creating space for new hobbies or just piece of mind. Clutter can cause overwhelm... we dont like our customers overwhelmed

✅ Heavy Lifting

✅ Assembly

✅ Mounting TV's Hanging Pictures & blinds

✅ Truck Loading

✅ Hauling Items Up & Downstairs

✅ Staging

The Beauty Of Space

By creating space in your home—whether it's in your garage, attic, or anywhere else—you'll be able to reimagine what that space can be used for. Maybe it could become a home gym, an office, or just a cozy reading nook. The possibilities are endless!


General Service (hourly)

Mounting and hanging $75.00

Heavy lifting $80.00

Assembly $82.00

Space reorganizing $60.00

Packing help $60.00

Half Day 3.5 - 4.5 Hours

Home Decor Help $300.00

Event Planning Help $300.00

Moving In/Out $320.00

Assembly $328.00

Space Reorganizing $240.00

Full Day 7.5 - 8.5

Mounting and hanging $600.00

Event Planning $600.00

Help Moving $640.00

All things Assembly $654.00

Space reorganizing $480.00

Areas Covered

Fairfield County & New Haven County

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